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Alabama Lifestyle Medicine - Dr. Noah Gudel, D.O.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Our lifestyle medicine services include acute and chronic care of almost all health conditions for adults. In addition to individual appointments, Dr. Gudel offers group medical appointments, grocery store and farmer’s market tours, group dinners, and more!

Traditional Medicine

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine generally involves the primary use of pharmaceuticals rather than lifestyle changes to address health issues. Lifestyle changes are usually an afterthought, if they are mentioned at all in the visit.

Dr. Gudel is a board-certified internal medicine physician, and as such, she is aware of, and willing to use pharmaceuticals, but only as a secondary measure, or in concert with lifestyle measures.

Acute COVID Care

If you are acutely ill with COVID, we will treat it early and aggressively, and ensure that you are better-equipped to handle any infection in the future.

Long COVID Care

Did your COVID infection result in lingering health problems even after the initial infection resolved? There is much we can do to restore your health and guide you back to an even healthier version of yourself!

Vaccine Injury Care

Injuries often manifest in a variety of ways, and we can help with any symptoms you are experiencing.

Complementary Cancer Care

Complementary Cancer Care

The standard American diet and lifestyle lay out the welcome mat for cancer. With lifestyle changes, we can seize it back. Working alongside you as you undergo traditional therapies for your cancer, we can help attack cancer from every angle possible.

Group Visits

Social media does not replace being social! We offer group medical visits where patients can interact with and learn from each other in addition to our Lifestyle Medicine physician.

Health Tours

No matter your health condition, a trip to the store can feel like navigating a mine field. Learn how to survive the assault on your health and wellness that is the modern-day grocery store. Walk through a local farmer’s market and learn about the benefits of the local produce on offer.