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Grid-down Emergency Preparedness Kit



Before an emergency occurs, such as the grid going down, or a natural disaster strikes, why not secure peace of mind by having medications on hand? The included medications cover the most common medical conditions as well as expected emergent conditions and are tailored to each patient. Each medical supply ordered comes with an ACTUAL live consultation (approximately 30 min) with a physician in which we address improving the immune system as a whole, while the accompanying instructions cover specific conditions/medications needed.

When compared to competitors: kit includes MORE medications, more medical recommendations (such as vitamin D), WEIGHT-BASED ivermectin, and a personal LIVE consult with a physician.

Included medications:

  • Augmentin 875mg/125mg #28
  • Azithromycin 250mg # 12
  • Bactrim DS #28
  • Ciprofloxacin 500mg # 20
  • Doxycycline 100mg #40
  • Fluconazole 150mg #2
  • Ivermectin – weight-based, 0.6mg/kg, 10d supply
  • Metronidazole 500mg #30
  • Ondansetron 4mg #6

*Patients may order multiple kits however the weight-based dosing of ivermectin and medication allergies will limit their use for those other than the patient

*Kits can only be shipped to addresses within the state of Alabama

*For a medication allergy, corresponding medications will be omitted and will not be substituted

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